A New Moon on a New Year

This winter at Rowanberry we have been enjoying a meditation on the moon.  As a community we have been wondering, researching, dreaming and thinking deeply about our mysterious friend in the sky.

In honor of the new moon today,  January 1st 2014, (it’s a Supermoon!) I wanted to share the “I AM” poem that our Kindergarteners wrote about the moon.  They chose to share their work with their community by reading it aloud at our winter gathering.


I am…
a collaborative poem by the Rowanberry Fab 5
written from our friend, the moon’s, perspective.

I am still and gentle.

I wonder what it is like on Earth.

I hear my family’s drumming.

I see the stars shining, playing, and laughing.

I want books to read.

I am still and gentle.


I pretend to be  a butterfly.

I feel my heart filled with love.

I touch stars.

I worry about fires in the sky.

I cry when I have bad feelings.

I am still and gentle.


I understand the Earth’s language.

I say I am real and I want to be your friend.

I dream about tomorrow.

I try to tiptoe down to Earth while everyone sleeps.

I hope for new friends.

I am still and gentle.